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  • Review of HOW QUEER! in Philadelphia Gay News


    Check out this review of Faith Beachemin's How Queer!  in the Philadephia Gay News summer reading list:

    "This slim volume of essays loosely focused on bisexuality is difficult to categorize — and that’s a good thing.

    "Part personal narrative, part analysis, it explores the various ways that bisexuality upsets what many contributors refer to as monosexism, the assumption that you can only be attracted to people of one gender.

    "Editor Beauchemin sets the tone in her introduction, alerting readers that the book doesn’t offer a grand, unified plan of action. Instead, she situates bisexuality into the capacious, eclectic framework of queer politics. That can’t be taken for granted because, as she correctly notes, bisexuals still struggle to make their voices heard among gays and lesbians.

    "The book includes a helpful glossary, a brief bibliography and some theoretical analysis, but it’s the 14 personal narratives that are the book’s core.

    "Two major themes emerge from those accounts. First, in a world where bisexuality is often either hypersexualized or erased, it’s an affirming, political act whenever bisexuals present and interpret their personal stories.

    "The second is the harmful consequence of denying the diversity of sexual orientation. Many contributors were raised in evangelical Christian households; their coming out was made doubly painful because they lost both their faith and their family."

    Thanks, PGN!

    Order your copy of How Queer!  at the link above.

  • NOW AVAILABLE: Dolly Deals, "Mixed Kids' Tapes vol. 1"

    "an ongoing exercise in validating ourselves"

    We are excited to announce that we are now distributing copies of "Mixed Kids' Tapes vol. 1,"  compiled and published by Dolly Deals. This new zine is a collection of poetry, art, comics, and short prose by authors of many different racial and cultural backgrounds, reflecting on their unique experiences as people with mixed identity.

    To order your copy, click here or follow the link below to our online store. 

    MKT will also be available for purchase at the upcoming Toronto Anarchist Book Fair and the Atlanta Radical Book Fair. 

    You can keep up with Dolly's work by following him/her on instagram:

    Zine Price: $5

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