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  • EVENT: "Rethinking Black Resistance and Insurrection in the American South."

    Hammonds House Museum
    Saturday, 10 October 2015
    1:00 pm

    503 Peeples St SW,
    Atlanta, Georgia 30310

    Hammonds House Museum and the Auburn Avenue Research Library, in collaboration with the Malcom X Grassroots Movement will host "Rethinking Black Resistance and Insurrection in the American South." 

    This community discussion will examine the history of organized armed uprisings and spontaneous acts of insurrection by Blacks in the American South. Highlighting the vital roles they played in undermining the peculiar institution of slavery and strengthening contemporary struggles for equality, this discussion moves organized armed resistance and insurrection by Black communities from the overlooked historical margins to the center of U.S. History. 

    Panelists include: 

    - Dr. Akinyele Umoja, the Chair of the Department of African American Studies at Georgia State University and author of "We Will Shoot Back" (;
    - Dr. Modibo Kadalie, author of "Internationalism, Pan-Africanism, and the Struggle of Social Classes" (;
    - Saralee Stafford and Neal Shirley, authors of the recently published "Dixie Be Damned: 300 Years of Insurrection in the American South" (;
    -Onyeka, British historian and scholar and the author of "Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, their Presence, Status, and Origins" (


    For more information, please visit the Facebook event page here:

    We hope to see you there!